Get Top Dollar For Junk Cars In Coral Springs FL

junk car coral springs flHave you ever wondered where old, used junk cars in Coral Springs that aren’t running go? Well, you can let them sit behind your house, out in a field or in the garage. Or you can call Junk Cars LLC because our business is paying you cash for those old broken down cars. Yes, there is money to be made from those old, broken down cars. You can sell your junk cars to other junk or salvage yards, but we have the highest rate paid out for those cars in Broward County, that don’t run any more.

When your car finally just gives it up and even the Coral Springs dealerships won’t take it, no need to worry about how to “sell my car”. One phone call to Junk Cars LLC and we’ll give you a verbal quote, show up with 24 hours and hand you cash for your junk cars. We take the stress off of you and even provide free towing where some salvage yards may charge you for pick up.

Why Do We Buy Junk Cars?

We have the methods and processes with the right connections to smash junk cars. We’re insured and licensed to get rid of junk cars in Coral Springs to the proper places. We are conscious of the environment and take our part in keeping it clean and health very seriously. Your old rust-bucket car can be an eyesore for you and your neighbors. Junk Cars LLC will eliminate that eyesore and give your wallet a little cushion of cash.

What Do You Need To?

Just give us a call at Junk Cars LLC here in Coral Springs. We will give you a quote over the phone to buy your junk cars for cash, schedule a time to come pick it up and tow it off. Even if you don’t have the title, just show us ownership by registration and we will pay you cold cash for your car that doesn’t drive or run any more. In most cases of abandoned cars where you don’t know the owner and can’t get the title for an old car that isn’t running, we’ll still pay you cash for in Coral Springs. Check the full information at our How It Works page.

There isn’t anything on your part to get that junk car out of your way and cash in your pocket other than calling us here at Junk Cars LLC. There are several scrap yards that buy and haul those cars that are ready for the junk pile in Coral Springs, but none of them pay as much cash for junk cars as we do.

Get cash for cars in Coral Springs, Florida and the surrounding area, call now: (954) 510-3111