Sell Your Junk Car in Hallandale FL

Sell Your Junk Car in Hallandale FLYou can get that old clunker out of your way in an hour today and get some cold cash in your hand today with just one phone call to Junk Cars LLC in Hallandale FL.

You Call and We Quote (954) 510-3111

Call us and give us the basic information about that car that’s blown up or that truck with more rust than metal that you want to sell as junk car in Hallandale FL. We pay cash for junk cars at top dollar value, all it takes is your phone call. It is that easy. We buy them all and price we depends on the make and model as well as age, condition and what’s wrong with it. All that needs to happen next is you accept our quote.

We Come to Hallandale FL to Get It Today

After you accept our offer that we buy junk cars for, we will schedule a time to come pick up your vehicle, running or not. You can get that old jalopy of a car out of your way and get some cash too. In most cases, we can be there within an hour or we can schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you. We have locations all over and will send the one closest to you.

All That Left Is The Towing

This is the best part for you! Just hand us the keys and registration/title and we hand you cash for junk cars you want to get rid of. We load them up, tow off them off right here in Hallandale FL. Then you can head to the bank with your cash you made by selling Junk Cars LLC that non-running car. t Junk Cars LLC.

Can you think of an easier or quicker way to clean up and make money than selling your junk cars to Junk Cars LLC?