Cash For Junk Cars In Lighthouse Point Florida

Junk cars and trucks in Lighthouse Point FL are worth cash to us at Junk Cars LLC, whether they are running or not, just give us a call.

Sell Junk CarsYou Make The Call That Will Make Your Cash

Tired of looking at that old rusted out car or broke down truck sitting out back? You can make a call to us at Junk Cars LLC in Lighthouse Point FL and it will be gone within a hour, leaving you with nothing but cash in hand space in the yard. We don’t care if its running or not, we don’t care if its missing wheels and windows. We buy junk cars for cash in Lighthouse Point Florida, that’s our business. You call. We Quote. You Accept.

We’re On Our Way In One Hour to Lighthouse Point Florida

Within one hour, we can have a professional tow team at your place in Lighthouse Point FL to pick up that junked out car and pay you cash for that junk car. We have locations all around the area and can arrange to have a team there right away or schedule a day and time that is better for you. You called us. We gave you a quote. You accepted. We show up in an hour and haul that clunker jalopy out of the way for you today!

Selling your car in Lighthouse Point FL? Call us now : (954) 510-3111

And Away We’ll Go

After you made the call to Junk Cars LLC in Lighthouse Point FL, we gave you a quote for top dollar to buy that jalopy car or rusty truck you don’t want. Once you accept what we offer, we show up in an hour. If right then isn’t a good time for you sell that junk car, we’ll schedule whatever day and time you tell us to, and our professional tow team with a professional tow truck will come haul that car or truck away after they hand you the cash. You get cash. You get rid of junk. We give you free towing too.
Remember who buys junk cars for cash in Lighthouse Point FL i sjust one phone call away with Junk Cars LLC, give us a try today!