Plantation FL Junk Car Business Pays Cash For Your Junk Car!

Not only does Junk Cars LLC provide free towing service to get those eyesore rusted, wrecked cars out of the way for you, but we’ll pay cash for them too. Once a car had quit and you can’t sell it or trade it, you may wonder just who buys junk cars in Plantation FL. Wonder no more and give us a call today.

We’ll make you an offer over the phone, set up an appointment and come haul off your unwanted non-running, wrecked cars today. There isn’t a make or model of cars that we won’t pay cash for junk, rusted and wrecked cars. Every car has a value to us and we’re more than happy to pay you for your junk car.

Who Says You Can You Sell Junk Cars?

Even if you don’t know the origin of why a junked, rusted, wrecked car sitting in a building or on a property you just purchased, don’t worry about who buys junk cars any more. Junk Cars LLC is the highest paying company in the business around Plantation FL and we’ll tow it free of charge too. Cars may not roll any more but we’re still here in Plantation FL paying cash for any and all junk, rusted or wrecked cars every day of the week.

Are you the new landlord and a junk car left behind from the last tenants? Give us a call at Junk Cars LLC and let us pay you cash for that old junk, rusted-out and wrecked car. Why let it sit there in the way, bringing your property value down when you can make some cash here in Plantation FL for junk cars?

Just Who Is Junk Cars LLC?

We aren’t just another towing service. We are the people you call when you wonder who pays cash for junk, rusted cars! We give you a price over the phone and within 24 hours you have cash and we have your junk car.

How much better service can you get than that? Regardless what kind of problem that caused that cause that vehicle to become a junk car, we’ll pay cash.

• Blown Engine
• No Engine
• Flat Tires
• No Tires
• Cracked Windows
• No Windows
• Ripped Up Interior
• No Interior

We buy junk cars for cash all over Plantation FL and Broward County. There isn’t a junk car situation that we haven’t handled before and when it’s all said and done, that ugly, non- running junk pile of metal that use to be a car is out of your way and cash in your pocket.