Why And Who Buys Junk Cars In Pompano Beach FL?

Junk Cars LLC of Pompano Beach FL that’s who! Yes, we pay cash for cars that are running or not with all 4 wheels or not, with cracked windows or no windows. Are you in a “sell my car” mode because you can’t even get a trade-in value? Give us a call and we’ll give you the best cash price for that clunker car sitting in your backyard, field or anywhere you have it stored. We’ll even come tow it out of your way as we hand you the cash!
Ever seen a car just sitting in a neighbor’s yard all broken down and rusted out? Wonder where junk cars in Broward County go? After all, who would want to buy a junk car, right? Well Junk Cars LLC will buy junk cars and we pay cold cash for them. We are always on the lookout for broken down, non-running cars.

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What Kind Of Junk Cars Sell For Cash

All of them and any of them. Totally in place or pieced out from a project car restoration. We don’t even need the title, just proof you own the car or that it has been abandoned. We take all makes and models and pay cash for junk cars like these and more:

• Chevrolet
• Dodge
• Ford
• Mercedes
• Volvo

Two-door, four-door, sedan, sports or station wagons, we buy junk cars for cash and tow them off for free. Get that old junk car that’s been sitting out back for years out of your way when you call Junk Cars LLC. If you’ve ever wanted to know what do with that broken down car you have in Pompano Beach FL, give us a call and we’ll offer you the best price you’ll find anywhere with free towing service.

Want To Make A Donation?

Would you rather donate that junked out car to a charity but not sure how to do that? Give Junk Cars LLC a call and let us pay you cash for that junk car and you can donate the cash instead! Makes it easier on you, gets that eyesore out of you way and helps the charity of your choice in a way they need more – cash. Cash talks and we got the cash to pay you top dollar for that old car that isn’t running any more.

There are charities that ask for donations of cars running or not, giving you a receipt for tax purposes. Why hassle with that though when you give us a call at Junk Cars LLC and get cash instead? We make it much easier than figuring out where on that IRS form you need to report the donation.

Get Money for Your Old Car! Call us now: (954) 510-3111