Cash for Junk Cars in Sunrise

Green junk carAren’t you getting tired of the neighbors asking you about that burned out, rusted out car sitting behind your garage? Give Junk Cars LLC a call today – (954) 5103200 and let us quote you top dollar for it. We’ll be there within 24 hours pay you cash for that junk car and tow it off free of charge. Located right here in the Sunrise FL area, we are just a phone call away to get that clunky, junky car out of your way and out of your neighbor’s view.

Why Would We Do That?

• Environmental Concerns

• Proper Disposal Ability

• Money, money, money.

Those two things go hand in hand and a professional service like Junk Cars LLC is the highest paying salvage yard you’ll find in Sunrise FL for junk cars. We give you more than fair value, we give you top dollar and provide free towing service too.

How Does This Work?

You give us a call and we give you a quote that is above average for junk cars in Sunrise FL. Once you agree to our price, we are there within the next 24 hours to pay you cash for that car that isn’t running any more. It’s that easy and simple Lost title? No problem as long as you can provide registration records or abandoned car claim. Not sure how to get that done? Give us a call and our expert customer service reps can help you.

We not only pay you top dollar cash for junk cars, but we have one the best, friendly towing team of professionals that you’ll ever meet. They even remind you to cancel your insurance on that car and let you keep the license plates too.

Some Junk Cars Bring More Cash

Not all cars are created equal and that holds true even once they are broke down, junk cars. We guarantee you that you will get the highest amount possible though regardless if your old heap of metal that use to be a car, whether it is running or not. Some of the makes we buy for cash are:


There isn’t a make or model we won’t buy, just give us a call and see what that clunker of a car is worth. At Junk Cars LLC, we guarantee you it is the top dollar possible and more than other junk yards will offer. We even offer you free towing once we make the deal with you.

Selling your vehicle in Sunrise FL? Call us now: (954) 510-3111