West Park Florida Junk Cars

junk car yardWhy would anyone want to buy a junk car in West Park FL? Because it is our business here at Junk Cars LLC. We are the experts at buying and towing broke down, rusted out cars and trucks. We offer excellent pricing and excellent customer service too. Most people look at those old clunkers and see and eyesore. We look at those old clunkers and make a cash price offer to buy them!

What Kind Of Vehicles Do We Buy?

We buy them all! No matter the condition, make, model or year, they are all worth something to us.

• Chevrolet
• Dodge
• Ferrari
• Ford
• Mercedes Benz
• Mini Coopers
• Volvos
• and more!

Not all old cars and trucks are collector items. Once they have given you all they have and are done, give us a call at Junk Cars LLC. We are in the business for buying junk cars from West Park FL residents, regardless what they are.

• Blown Engine
• Burned Engine
• No Engine
• Broke Windows
• Missing Windows
• Doors or No Doors
• Seats or No Seats

We don’t care what that old clunker jalopy you have is or what it has, doesn’t have. We buy them all for cash on the spot. Just give us a call, tell us what you have, and we’ll make you an offer that you can’t find anywhere else here in West Park FL or anywhere in Broward County.

Get Money for Your Old Car! Call us now: (954) 510-3111

Just Who Are We?

We are a professional towing service with professional tow trucks in the business of buying junk cars in West Park FL. The local businesses, landlords and residents in the area have learned to get rid of a broken down car or truck, Junk Cars LLC is the company to call. We have flatbed towing that can get any junk car or truck out of your way. All we’ll leave behind is the cash that we quoted you over the phone.

Just What is it That We Do?

We offer a range of services that revolve around clunker cars and rusted trucks. Our clunker trucks and rusted cars. Doesn’t matter to us what you have, we buy them all. We also offer services like these:

• Accident removal
• Abandoned Vehicle removal
• Flatbed Towing
• Junk car removal
• Long or Short Distance Towing
• Tow Truck Wheel Lift tow away signs

You are our customer and we will make you the best price possible for whatever junked car or truck you have to sell. Your old jalopy vehicle is worth cash and our businesses are buying them here in West Park FL. Get rid of your old car or truck today and call us!

Get Money for Your Old Car! Call us now: (954) 510-3111